Foreign Shipping

Small Dog Mall’s Foreign Shipping Policy
smalldogmall.com® is happy to ship orders outside of the USA. However, we have a Foreign Shipping Policy. Please read it carefully:

The $5.00 shipping and handling fee applies only to orders shipped within the continental USA. Shipping to your country will be via US Mail First-Class International Air Mail and the shipping fee will be a flat rate of $25.00. This amount covers most shipping fees and the processing of a foreign order.

Delivery dates vary depending on where you are in the world and are never specified by the USPS. It is our experience that it can take up to two weeks plus for a package to be delivered.

Also, while we ship all over the world and it is rare that a package does not reach its destination, from time to time packages shipped via US Mail are lost. We cannot control what happens when a package leaves the hands of the USPS and becomes the responsibility of a foreign mail delivery service. Therefore, we will not guarantee that you will get your order and we will not refund or replace your purchase should your package become lost or is not delivered.

If for any reason you want to return an item(s), you will be responsible for the shipping fees back to the USA/Small Dog Mall. If you want to exchange an item, you will be charged for shipping back to you on the item(s) you exchange.

If you are not sure of a size, please provide us with your dog's measurements and we will be sure to ship the appropriate size(s). In inches, please provide us with neck measurement for collars, and neck, girth and top line measurements for tees and sweaters. Click here for a downloadable measuring tape.

Customers are responsible for any customs charges, which are assessed by each individual country at the time of delivery. We cannot estimate your country's customs charges. 

Customers are responsible for knowing any restricted items that are not allowed to be shipped to their respective countries. For example, it is forbidden to ship anything eatable, be it for human or animal consumption, into Australia.

Customers are responsible for accuracy in the delivery information for their order. When ordering from outside of the USA, please be sure all address information on your order is complete and correct.