The Good Dogma of Karma

TODAY, somebody will do something nice for you. Maybe they will open the gate for you at the dog park. Maybe they will give you one of their extra poop bags. Or maybe they'll do something as simple and sweet as bending down to give your pup a pat on the head.

WHATEVER THAT NICE THING IS, return the favor by giving that anonymous animal lover a print out of our GOOD DOG(ma) card (pdf download below), proving that a little karma goes a long way.

If you have been given a card, it is good for a surprise from Small Dog Mall® (www.smalldogmall.com). Send an email to: gooddogma@smalldogmall.com with your shipping address, then sit and stay while we do the rest. In no time at all, you will reap your rewards!

Click to download a PDF of Our Good Dogma Card and give it to someone who has shown you a kindness!