Hey! Where's my ID Tag? And other questions answered.
SDM is a retailer of the tags we sell on SmallDogMall.com, we are not manufacturers. When you order an ID Tag from Small Dog Mall, it will be ordered, usually on the same day of the order but no later than 24 hours after the order is placed.
Our manufacturers are super responsive to all Small Dog Mall orders placed. Typically a tag will be engraved and shipped either the same day of the order or the next day. We cautiously suggest that you start looking for your tag, in the mail, about one and a half weeks after you have placed your order with Small Dog Mall. Typically, you should have your tag within the two and a half week window.
Missing tag(s) get our immediate attention. If two weeks have passed and you have not received your tag(s), PLEASE let Robin know by emailing her at robin@smalldogmall.com or texting her at 310 399 7190. Texting is the fastest and very best way to connect. If we can't locate your tag, another one will be made and shipped to you pronto!