Walk of Fame

Calling all Stage Moms and Dads!

Do you think the world just can't go on without seeing your adorable pup (or cat)?

Does your dog want to try out for the next season of America's Next Top Dog Model?

Did you catch your pup admiring themselves in a mirror?

If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, then your dog (or cat) qualifies to be on the Small Dog Mall Walk of Fame!

Qualifying is easy

Just send us a picture of your dog (or cat) with a Small Dog Mall item and our selection committee will choose one photo for each product page on smalldogmall.com.

Who knows, after this kind of exposure, your dog could be hounded by the Puparazzi or get the lead in the next Indiana Bones movie, Raiders of the Lost Bark!

Please submit all photos in jpg format and email to: famous@smalldogmall.com

Good photo taking tips!

You don't have to be a pro to take a good picture, but please follow these tips:
  • Taking a picture outdoors is better than indoors
  • Taking your picture in indirect light will give a more even tone to your picture, avoiding spots of "light" or "dark"
  • Getting down on your pet's level makes for a more interesting photo and everyone gets to really see all that furry adorableness
  • Avoid all "busy" backgrounds like upholstery or bedding with patterns or designs --- a simple solid color background, like a wall, it the best.

We will do our best to use every photo that is submitted. 

We can’t wait to see your Little Star on the Small Dog Mall Walk of Fame!

By submitting your photo to Small Dog Mall, you give Small Dog Mall permission to publish your dogs image on SmallDogMall.com website.