About Small Dog Mall

About Robin & Little Doug

Robin met Little Doug in April of 1994. They were introduced through a mutual friend and it was love at first sight! You see, Doug was a rescue and their mutual friend found Doug under a car in downtown Los Angeles. Their 12 and a half years together were full of joy and new experiences for both of them like auditioning for the singing dog competition on the Tonight Show (Doug did a very soulful interpretation of Happy Birthday), he modeled in a full page ad for Sony Play Station that ran nationally in USA Today, he appeared on the TV show America's Greatest Pets and accumulated frequent flyer miles with trips to exotic places like Portland, Maine and Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

Robin and Little Doug lived and worked together in historic Venice Beach, California (Dogtown
the birthplace of progressive skateboarding). You may have seen them on one of their daily jogs down Main Street. If you did, we hope you said hello, or honked, yelled and waved as you drove by!


About Little Doug

Little Doug was and still is the adorable black long-haired Chihuahua you see all over the Small Dog Mall® website, and he was the big inspiration for Small Dog Mall®. In 1994 Doug was adopted by Robin and shortly thereafter Small Dog Mall® was born. He weighed about 6.5 pounds for most of his life but thought he is much bigger. Doug's idea of a good time was lunching at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Doug was an accomplished singer, model, spokes dog for Small Dog Mall® and was often mistaken for Johnny Depp.

In his spare time Doug liked to dig holes in Robin's garden, ride in the car, sleep and go for long walks. He especially loved spending time in the wilderness.

On September 24, 2006, Little Doug made his transition cradled in Robin's arms. They were in the center of a group hug from their closest friends --- surrounded by love is the only way to go.

Little Doug lives in Robin's heart now. 


About Cash (Money Millionaire)
Cash is the cute little brown chihuahua mix you see on Small Dog Mall®. Robin first laid eyes on Cash while looking at dogs on Petfinder/The Bill Foundation. Her search for a possible new buddy came to a halt when she took one look at Cash's magnificent ears (yes, Robin has a thing for ears). On Christmas eve, 2009, the Bill Foundation founder, Jo, delivered Cash to Robin's home.

After these years of living together, Robin can tell you Cash is the most happy and light hearted little fella and he is skipping thru life --- Robin wouldn't have it any other way. Robin is often awakened in the morning by Cash who is standing on her chest with a toy in his mouth, wanting to play --- Robin thinks that's pretty sweet and not such a bad way to start the day.

While no one knows for sure, Robin thinks Cash is Chihuahua and maybe part Weiner Dog because of his long body and stubby little legs. He enjoys long walks anywhere, rides in the car and his favorite food is chicken.


About Robin
Prior to Small Dog Mall®, owner and founder, Robin Weaver, had a prolific career as a graphic designer working for some of the most highly respected and nationally recognized design firms in the Los Angeles area. While some of Robin's work is part of the permanent collection of the Library of Congress, during her 25 year career, it has also been honored by the Art Directors Club of Los Angeles {ADLA}, Art Institute of Graphic Arts {AIGA, New York}, AR 100, Communication Arts Design Annual, Creativity, Graphis Annual Reports, New York Art Directors Club, Mead Paper Annual Report Show and Print Casebooks Annual Reports, to name a few.

Truly frustrated by the lack of great things for little dogs, Robin conceived and designed, smalldogmall.com® and on 01.09.99, Small Dog Mall® had lift-off! when the site went live on the world wide web!

In her spare time, (ha, ha), you can find Robin in her garden planting, pruning or weeding (she loves to do it all). She is also a collector of Fiesta Ware with over 1000 pieces, jogs and bikes to keep fit, and makes a great chocolate cake.

Robin also likes long walks and rides in the car.

Dogtown Dog Tags
is a sister site to Small Dog Mall. We sell Dog and Cat Tags only. 

What is Dogtown?
"Dogtown" is a neighborhood near the border of Venice Beach and Santa Monica, California. It spawned the Zephyr surf team, or Z-Boys, who went on to revolutionize skateboarding in the 1970’s. 

Dogtown Dog Tags and Small Dog Mall are located on the Venice side of the border. If you want to learn more, check out the documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys, narrated by Sean Penn.

What is Dogtown Dog Tags?
While Dogtown has nothing to do with dogs, we think it is time it did. And what better way than by offering all the pet lovers out there in the world one-stop-shopping with our selection of over 120 different pet tag designs to choose from.
Enjoy your visit to the site and browse until you find a tag you and your pet just can't live without.