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  • Make Your Dog a Christmas Tree or Chanukah Bush
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    Robin Weaver
Make Your Dog a Christmas Tree or Chanukah Bush

You will need:

A box of dog cookies, choose your pups favorite brand or make your own.

Narrow ribbon about 1/8 inch wide in rich shades of dark green, red, purple, royal blue, maroon.

Something to make holes in the cookies. I like to use my drill.

A small, potted, evergreen tree. I get mine at Home Depot. Cover the pot it comes in with fabric or holiday wrapping paper or replant the tree in a pot or bucket. I like to cover the dirt with green moss, the moss gives a nice finished look.

Drill holes in the cookies and tie with loops of ribbon in assorted colors and hang on the tree.

This tree looks so cute and it is fun to see the little furry ones help themselves to cookies! When you are not there to monitor, be sure and place tree out of reach of the biggest dog in the house! Make sure you remove the ribbon before your dog eats a cookie (ribbon is zero digestible). And when placed near your tree, this one will look great.

Don’t forget to decorate the pot with a big bow.

Since this is a living evergreen, you can place it outside after the holidays and use it again next year, and the year after that!

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    Robin Weaver

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