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  • Let's Make Some Dog Ice Cream!
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    Robin Weaver
Let's Make Some Dog Ice Cream!

Summertime and the living is hot and sticky and most likely uncomfortable if you are covered in fur.

Why not cool things off by making some healthy dog ice cream? It’s easy and fun! But most important your dog will love you for it. And if your dog likes Frosty Paws then we are pretty sure they will love this 3 ingredient recipe.


1 1/2 cups plain 0% Greek YOGURT (ice cream base)
According to the AKC, dairy based yogurt is high in calcium and protein and healthy for dogs. We’re talking plain, unsweetened yogurt here with no additives.

Yes, dogs love peanut butter. Use unsweetened natural peanut butter. Extremely important to point out, not to use any peanut butter containing xylitol. Natural peanut butter is the way to go here, but do read the peanut butter ingredients list. Xylitol highly toxic to dogs and other pets.

1 ripe BANANA
Can be optional but it does add some structure and a little sweetness. Or you can also swap out with pumpkin or anything else your dog may enjoy.

Now, lets put it all together and make some ice cream for your dog!

Place all ingredients in a food processor, blender, stand mixer, or in a mixing bowl and blend until smooth.

For easy serving, we love putting the ice cream in an edible cone or portion into individual servings in cup cake papers placed in a cup cake pan, An ice cream scoop works great for this. You could also use dixie cups or a silicone ice cube mold, or scoop mounds onto a cookie sheet. Some dogs have been known to try and choke down the whole thing in one bite, so do not leave your dog unattended while enjoying their cool treat

Freeze your homemade ice cream. For soft serve, freeze for about one hour. For a more firm ice cream, freeze for about two hours or more.

Once frozen solid, store in a freezer bag. Ice cream will keep for up to 3 months, but please don’t let this yummy treat sit around that long!

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    Robin Weaver

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